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Balance the Union City Budget

Over the short and long term, Union City faces an unsustainable trajectory where expenses are outpacing revenues. The City faces an average annual deficit of $4.3 million dollars now through 2022. That number increases to $6.8 million annually for the seven years that follow. The City has already made $1.8 million in spending cuts, but further intervention is needed. New revenues need to be generated right now, or severe cuts to staffing and programs will need to be made to balance the budget.

Reducing projected deficits over the next 10 years represents an opportunity to get our fiscal house in order while phasing-in changes to our long-term budget plans. This is your chance to make policy choices that will do just that. 

How will you balance the City's budget while protecting the quality of life for our residents?

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Where do these policy options come from?

The Budget Challenge is a budget balancing simulation. Budget
amounts for each policy option are estimates based on preliminary projections developed by the Director of Finance for the Mayor and City Council.

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